The audience

An anonymous newspaper article focused on the audience during the first semi finals, where the exotic Negro tenor Moises Parker was the public’s favorite. The journalist went on to describe the audience:

‘There are the regulars, the devoted visitors who never miss a competition, and who keep the program booklets in a special place in their private ‘archives.’ They have heard so many singers over the years that they seem to be able to predict how the Jury will rule. Not that they are in the least defeated if the Jury rules differently. Such an occasion only gives fuel to passionate discussions about the pros and cons of this or that participant.

Otherwise there is the Press, commenting on achievements with the aura of scientific knowledge. The hosts follow primarily the achievements of their guest(s), and share his or her nerves from start to finish. Then, there are always some officials of this or that Embassy; they watch the achievements of their landsmen with completely different eyes than the gatherings of long braided maiden students from various conservatories, who have been taken here by their mentors, in order to prepare themselves for the day when their own turn will eventually come. When Moises Parker finished his performance, the audience rewarded him with a thankful applause. Following his ‘Che gelida manina’ the air was rife with anticipation, which once again brings to the Casino auditorium that indefinable atmosphere which is the charm of this competition.’